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Kitty's Compendium

Welcome! This website gives information about which is a server on the microblogging platform Mastodon.

Mastodon is an alternative social media network with over 1 million active users that links thousands of servers and works in a way that is similar to how the early internet started before large corporations took over and has no ads or algothrims.

The server is hosted in Germany and runs on green energy. It is looked after by our admin Tom, who is a great guy and he's powered by metal music, especially progressive metal like TesseracT, Oceans of Slumber and Persefone. You can take a look at the server by clicking on this link:

Signing up is free and easy. Once you have signed up you can become part of the international community of over 800 metalheads and:

Click here to sign up registration

Some pages and links:

A list of hashtags that are popular with metalheads on, the Mastodon network and the Fediverse:here

PepHorror's website is great for metalheads looking to discover new bands and music:MetalPython

An interview with Jessica. Where they talk about their music, their band Jessica B. Kelly and the Void Conspiracy and their journey with their mental health:here

An interview with Ando and Max from the German metal band Ascendency:here

My AOTY 2023:here

The group AOTY top 5 list:here

Bands and artists on Mastodon

We also have many bands and artists with us on the Mastodon network, both as band accounts and band member accounts. The following is a list of bands and artists that are active on the Mastodon network grouped by subgenre. If you click on the band or artist name it will take you directly to their account page on Mastodon.